A ray of hope for the youth to fulfill their dreams and aspiration

When i was interacting with a government school teacher at chennai, I got shocked by hearing that she has paid more than her 10 years of salary to get a permanent job.She is just an example.

As per the NASSCOM(National Association of Software and Service Companies):In India out of  12 million graduates annually only 3.5% gets placed.Only less than 40% are self-motivated and 55% have no grooming.

In recent times,Donald Trump has stated about the importance of network marketing opportunity to reduce the rate of unemployment  in USA.Even our former president and scientist A.P.J. Abdul Kalam stated that the future industry that cannot be done by robotics and AI(artificial intelligence) is one and only network marketing and direct selling industry.

Lack of quest for entrepreneurship is the major cause for unemployment.Lack of support from the family and fear of losing investment could be the reason for keeping youth away from the entrepreneurship.

One of the main misconceptions about network marketing is the idea that only people at the top make any money.“People might have that impression, and of course there are high, middle and low achievers in every company.But network marketing is so fair. You get as much as you put into it. Of course, you have to work hard, make calls, talk to people. But by building a team you are, in effect, the CEO of your own business. You work to create your own fortune rather than someone else’s, and there is absolutely no limit on how much you can earn.”

I suggest to read the book called Ripple Marketing by David Skultety is a concise and up-to-date book on everything that network marketing offers the aspiring entrepreneur who wants to work part-time to earn a few extra dollars, have a home-based business, or go all the way to create a full-time, lifelong, and fulfilling business career.The book begins with a foreword by David Litt, a network marketing corporate executive, who states “There are people in my life who have lots of money and very little time. There are people in my life who have lots of time and very little money. But the only people in my life who have lots of money and lots of time are my friends who are network marketing professionals like David Skultety.”